Verificatum TypeScript Big Integer Arithmetic library

The Verificatum TypeScript Big Integer Arithmetic library (VTS-BA) is written from scratch in pure TypeScript with zero dependencies.

We refer the reader to the VTS-BA GitHub repository to download the software. The release of the library under MIT license was sponsored by Swiss Post.

As far as we know it is the fastest, most thoroughly tested, and best documented TypeScript library of its kind, and it has minimal memory requirements.

It is a subset of the Verificatum TypeScript library (VTS) which is a transpilation and improvement of the Verificatum JavaScript Cryptographic library (VJSC). VTS provides all the routines needed to implement a client for an electronic voting system in TypeScript.

We are currently looking for a sponsor to release VTS as open source. Contact us if you are interested in a preview of the library and we will invite you at GitHub.