Future Development

We plan to release our code for additional components to showcase our software: voting clients, and a ballot collector that receives the encrypted votes.

However, we hope that our clients and researchers implement their own versions as well. In contrast to mix-nets and client libraries, it is infeasible to write a single implementation that covers all settings.

Implementing a client using the Verificatum TypeScript library (VTS), which will be released in the near future, is a matter of writing a proper user interface in HTML and CSS for Internet clients and integrating a (typically) pre-existing authentication scheme. A few lines of code with calls to VTS suffices.

A ballot collector is merely a stand-alone HTTPS server that is stripped down to guarantee security. In addition to this one can optionally implement a bulletin board or integrate an existing solution based on hash chains. Tallying is of course done using VMN.

The difficulty lies in finding the right abstractions and ways to configure and allow others to extend the software. This is what we are working on now with our partners.