The Open Verificatum Project

Our goals are simple: develop free, open source, and correct implementations of provably secure cryptographic primitives and protocols that are easy to deploy and use to implement a wide range of electronic voting systems.

All our software should be able to pass the scrutiny needed to guarantee security against nation state bad actors. Thus, although our software can be used as a vehicle to identify theoretical research problems, perform applied research, and develop research prototypes, the software we release is meant to be used in real elections in the form we release it.

Developers and Experts behind the Open Verificatum Project

We are a loosely formed team of researchers and experienced engineers with 10-30 years of experience in research, software development, and real world elections that cover most of these areas and we actively seek the expertise we lack to strengthen team.

Constructing a secure electronic voting system is an inherently multidisciplinary research problem with subtle and sometimes unintuitive threats that are not necessarily technical in nature.

To ensure the trust of the public several research fields from the broader area of computer security, and even law, political science, and social sciences, should be involved.

We are committed to full transparency and expect that independent experts and the general public scrutinize the work we do and point out any flaws or unclear details; from abstract cryptography to high level descriptions intended for a wider audience.

The Open Verificatum Project is managed by the original author, but we are actively searching for a widely trusted third party that can take over this role. Please contact us if you think you could be that party.


If you wish to contribute and have the necessary credentials, then simply contact us. If you have the skills, but no formal credentials, then show that you are interested and when we see that you make worthwhile contributions we will include you.

We stress that the focus of this project is quality and that this not only applies to source code, but also documentation, examples, this site, etc. Thus, one can make worthwhile contributions without an academic background in security or even computer science.